In medicine, Neurontin is a pharmaceutical drug, originally developed for treating epilepsy. However, currently this drug is used to relieve neuropathic pain. In general the drug is used for the treatment of Seizures, hot flashes, and neuropathic pain. However, a research has indicated that there have been some concerns about the quality on its use on treating migraines, bipolar disorders, and pain in general.

What Is Neurontin? In detail Neurontin also known as the gabapentin, which is medication for anti-epileptics, and is also famous as an anticonvulsant. In the case of a seizure occurring, Gabapentin affects body nerves and the chemicals which are present. Neurontin, apart from being used alone, can be used with a combination of other medications in treating seizures that are caused due to the epilepsy, both in some adults and in children of twelve years or are older.
But aside from treating adults and children above the age of 12years, Neurontin can also be used with another combination of medication for the treatment of seizures in some children that are aged between 3 and 12years. In adults Neurontin is even used in order for the treatment of pain in nerves that is basically caused by the virus herpes or the shingles (zoster herper).

What You Need To Know Before Taking Neurontin: Before taking the Neurontin drug you need to know the following;
If you are allergic to gabapentin, don`t take the Neurontin drug. For your own safety, make sure that before you take Neurontin, it is recommended to consult a doctor or some physician and tell him/her if you indeed have the following conditions: heart disease, live disease, kidney disease.
Patients suffering from RLS and those who`re day sleepers or work night shift should consult their doctors if they have new or their depression has worsened, or if they have or had suicidal thoughts. Don`t miss any of your appointment(s) with the doctor. Make sure that you`ve reported, if there`s any new or worsening symptoms e.g. mood or behavior change, depression, anxiety, anger, restless, hyper-active, or even thoughts of coming suicide.
Note: Whenever your seizure worsen, before you take Neurontin contact your doctor first. You can also carry with yourself or put on an ID card that indicates that you`re taking Neurontin. This is very important, because: any doctor, physician, or even an emergency treatment provider who treats you will know that you`re taking seizure medication (Neurontin drug).

How Should You Take Neurontin? Neurontin should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor/physician. Don`t take it in small or larger amounts than it is instructed/ recommended by the doctor. It is important that you should follow your Neurontin intake exactly as directed by your doctor. You can take Neurontin with or without food.
Whenever you`ve broken a Neurontin tablet then took half of it, the other half should be taken during your next dosage. Any tablet that`s been broken it should be used sooner rather than later, i.e. as soon as possible. Neurontin liquid should be measured with a special dose measuring spoon, but not just measure it with a regular tea spoon. If you do not have one of the special measuring spoon or cup for your Neurontin liquid, then ask your doctor/ pharmacist for one.

What Happens Whenever You Miss Your Neurontin Dose? Well, whenever you happen to miss your Neurontin dose for any particular reason. Take the skipped dose as soon as possible. But you should skip the missed dosage if it`s almost time to take your next dose. Remember; don`t take that extra dose, so as to cover for the missed one. In the case of an overdose, immediately seek medical attention. Symptoms on overdosing a Neurontin drug include: blurred visions, feeling weak, drowsiness, slurred speech and diarrhea.

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